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We Are Off to Greece 03.06.2012
Paradise Found!!! 31.05.2012
The Hammam Revisited 30.05.2012
Imagine Living For Months At A time - In an Underground City 29.05.2012
A Dalliance At Dalyon 27.05.2012
Crossing the Tauras Mountains and Arriving in Cirali 26.05.2012
A Walk In the Turkish Woods 26.05.2012
A Little History Lesson 25.05.2012
Up, Up, and Away... 20.05.2012
On a More Serious Note 20.05.2012
A Bucket List Item 19.05.2012
And Then There Was Mustafa 17.05.2012
The Real Hidden Treasures of Turkey 17.05.2012
The Pigeon Valley Hike 16.05.2012
The Hammam 12.05.2012
A Close Shave 10.05.2012
Exploring Istanbul 09.05.2012
Istanbul Hits us in the Face! 09.05.2012
Some Photos from Amsterdam 09.05.2012
Amsterdam Continued 05.05.2012
Summary of our two days in Amsterdam 05.05.2012
Arrived in Amsterdam Ahead of Schedule 01.05.2012